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St. Peters Church in New Kent, Virginia

In 2008, I was working on an architectural project in New Kent, Virginia. My clients told me about a small church down the road, St. Peter’s church, where George and Martha Washington attended service (and possibly were married). I visited the church and was fascinated by its simple, timeless beauty. I wondered how many more churches like this were still standing?

This began my project, a lifelong journey to find and photograph historic Anglican chuches in North America.  At first, I was focussed on the pre-Revolutionary war churches, which were built as Anglican (Church of England). As my search continued I was finding many beautiful churches built after the church became the Episcopal Church in the 1780’s and expanded the scope to include them.

As this is project evolves I hope it will accomplish several objectives:

  • Photograph the churches
  • Provide a written history of the churches
  • Provide a forum where we can discuss preservation issues
  • Allow churches to use the site for posting events

Locating the churches is one of my big challenges. They are everywhere, in cities and towns, and down winding country roads. I encourage anyone that knows of an old Anglican church to contact me and I will make plans to photogragh it.

Bill Sutton

October 11, 2016



Bill at St. Helena’s Church in Beaufort, South Carolina

Bill Sutton is a practicing architect living in Annapolis, Maryland. Throughout his career he has been involved in historic architecture. In addition to his practice he teaches design at the Catholic University School of Architecture in Washington DC. 









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