Christ Church is the second of two remaining Episcopal churches of Kingston Parish in Mathews County. Kingston Parish was established around 1652 as one of the four Anglican parishes of Gloucester County. The first record is a vestry book which begins in 1679. By 1715 there are references to “ye Eastermost River Church.” In 1744 a brick wing was added and a 1770 plat shows “Kingston Old Church” on this site. Following American independence, parish life dwindled and the building was almost deserted. With a revival in 1841, the church was restored and became known as Christ Church. In 1904 the church suffered a devastating fire and was rebuilt; it was expanded in 1950. Of special interest are a unique parquet ceiling accented with carved acorns and an unusual converted oil chandelier. The cemetery is the resting place of Capt. Sally Louisa Tompkins, CSA, the first woman commissioned an officer in an American army.


Exterior View of Church

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Kingston Parish Church

Matthews, Virginia