Eugene Sturtevant and his wife, Mary Clark Sturtevant, daughter of Thomas March Clark, Bishop of Rhode Island and later presiding Episcopal Bishop of the U.S, donated an acre of land in 1882 for a chapel to serve the neighboring community. The church was originally known as The Berkeley Memorial Chapel in honor of Bishop George Berkeley of Derry. The cornerstone of the chapel was laid on October 11, 1884. The first service was held on June 23, 1885, even though the chapel was not complete. The chapel was consecrated on August 31, 1886, as a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island by Bishop Clark.


Entry Portal

Graves in front of Church

Rear Facade

Full view of Alter

St. Michaels Stained Glass

View to rear of Church

Caroline Howard Clark Stained Glass

Harrett Phinney Stained Glass

Front View of Church

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St. Columba’s Church

Middletown, Rhode Island