Walker’s Parish Church (Grace Episcopal Church) stands at the site of one of six colonial churches in Virginia. Foundation stones of the original church, constructed of wood and completed in l748, are visible today under spreading oak trees in front of the present structure. Built by Mr. Francis Smith for a fee of £80, this original church measured 32 feet by 24 feet. A mountain chapel had previously existed on the premises, having been built by the earliest settlers in the area, probably in the 1730’s. The Fredericksville Parish included the original church and two other churches in Albemarle and Louisa Counties. The Rev. James Maury became Rector of the Parish in 1751 and conducted a classical school at his home. Thomas Jefferson attended this school in 1757 and 1758 and later served as a member of the Vestry of Fredericksville Parish from 1767 to 1770.

The present church was completed in 1855. It was designed by noted Philadelphia architect William Strickland.

The Belfry

Front (West) Facade

South Facade

North Facade

View of the Altar

View from the Altar to the Sanctuary

The Babtistry

View to the Altar from the Sanctuary

Stained Glass Windows on the North Wall

Stained Glass Window Detail

Stained Glass Window on the South Wall

Full View of Church

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Walker’s Parish Church

Cismont, Virginia